David Zakri

Then from Julianes store opened near the beautiful David Zakri wine a new branch of his coffee house chain is the novel book as EPUB file for PC and E-book reader in almost all major E-book stores available for download. Excerpt: a new shipment of chocolate, cocoa, and more would come in the next morning. The driver used at such a small customer like she was there to collect the invoice amount equal, and yet she had the required sum does not. She even waited for Eve’s answer and turned the key of the box office to request a progress report. The scare, which triggered the numbers in it, she does not remember. Just times forty-three Euro turnover for half a morning, how terrible, she thought, and was somewhat pale around the nose. The door opened, and a tall, handsome man entered the business.

He not greeted, but heading directly to the shelves. After another, he took a product variety in the hand, as if he wanted to test it thoroughly. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Then he made himself to the wine create and finally he looked at extensively the unpacked goods in the refrigerated counter. Can I help you? “, asked Juliane, the thing something strange occurred. Whether it was the man from the food surveillance? Usually no customer was much the goods inspected. Restless, she watched him from the eye. No thanks. I wanted to look around just a little”, he replied briefly and also slightly unfriendly.

Julianes aversion increased from second to second. Make your own or deal with confectioners? “, did he suddenly as know by the way. I work out my recipes themselves and recover the products along with my staff in hand work. We need confectioners, nor big machines,”she explained. Something was wrong here, which she was now sure. It’s worth because, to produce the small amounts in hand work? “, he asked.

The Unwritten

That is below the dignity of our family! You did his Abitur, and you will study business administration or agriculture so that you can take over the company. It’s the unwritten law of family. And now go home. I want to hear about it!” Britta joined their father, turned up erect before him, fiercely determined to budge a millimeter. Now or never, she spoke to vigorously courage. No, father, I do not. I do not study and am now not going home.

It is time to clarify, and my decision is already made. The clinic gave me a contract. Nurse is my wish. With the tractor and the vines, I want to have nothing to do! “, she shouted back, contracted him, however, that, in truth, he was the reason and not the company. She wanted to know him all day to sign up.

She took a step closer to him. Stains the fury formed at Frank’s face again. The veins on his temples came forward, and only with much effort he could restrain himself. He had never struck his daughter, and this should not be also today happen. No, you do what I tell you! That’s my final word. “You have to follow and that’s it!” Britta knew that she had to hold out now, otherwise she was lost. Fear crept up in her, because she saw that he was shortly before that, to raise a hand against them. So far he had not touched even them, but you knew today would exceed the limit. She took all their courage, she could bring up in this highest emergency. No, Dad! I am now twenty-one years old. You’ve got nothing to say to me, because it is my life, and I live it according to my ideas, not your. You have not interested so far for me, so you don’t need this now also.