These are points that can influence e, later, to provoke changes in the culture of the organization. Chiavenato (2003) affirms that, the autocracy and diffidence, the conformismo and the individualism form solid barriers to the change and the innovation of the companies. Justifying this affirmation has if: Autocracy and diffidence: in many organizations the controlling and staff of command tend to treat its collaborators as if they were unprovided of reasoning, initiative, creativity and responsibility. This type of treatment compromises the good course of the tasks, a time that does not have freedom for the creativity and decision. Conformismo: it exists because of the autocracy, therefore had to the chamber pressures suffered by it commands, the employees are discouraged and they do not have initiative to question the norms and rules of the company. Individualism: the person acts on account proper, disdaining the other people, the team and the institution. The cultural and organizacionais changes depend basically on the changes of these concepts.

All change in itself is not easy, but it must be led in account that the organizations are constituted of people and, at the same time, that these people bring its culture for inside of the companies, also finish, absorbing traces of the organizacional culture, being able to create by means of this interaction, in a new culture. 3.METODOLOGIA OF the RESEARCH This research, exploratrio character, intends to catch by means of a study of case, information that demonstrate as the collaborators perceive and are influenced by the organizacional culture of the environment where they work. The exploratria research, according to Andrade (1999), provides to greaters information on the subject that if goes to investigate; it facilitates the delimitation of the subject of the research; it guides the setting of the objectives and the formularization of the hypotheses or discovers a new type of approach for the subject.


It can then be understood that empreendedorismo is the capacity that an individual, independent of its formation, has of looking at the gift and perceiving an idea/chance and, from this idea, to generate change. But, beyond this capacity of perception and creation, the empreendedorismo demands courage and persistence to take risks and to surpass them. New ideas bring uncertainties and these uncertainties demand of the enterprising courage to face the stranger and devotion, of time, money and disposal, to surpass the risks and difficulties. Thus an entrepreneur will only have some possibility of spoon resulted in the future. SURMOUNTINGS Franquia or Franchising are a system of distribution of products and or services. This system establishes that the franqueador yields to made available the right to explore its concept, know-how and marks by means of a financial consideration.

(PL, 2001). The made available one – that generally is an entrepreneur? it acquires by means of a contract the rights of use of a consolidated mark already in the market? the franqueador, that generally is another entrepreneur who searchs market expansion? starts to commercialize its products and services following the standard determined for the franqueador. The surmounting also can be defined as a system of marketing, conducted for a legal contract that involves two parts. One has left, the made available one, receives the right to use a known mark already in the market, as he was its individual proprietor, but assuming the obligation to work respecting the methods, processes, standards and terms taxes for the other part, the franqueador, the real owner of the mark. This made available and franqueador relation between is firmed by means of a legal agreement, known as franchise agreement. (LONGENECKER, MOORE and PETTY, 2004) the surmounting is, without a doubt, an excellent way for the entrepreneur. In Brazil, this modality of empreendedorismo has if developed in special and sped up way, to each year the numbers grow uninjured the crises and oscillations.