Success Story

A history of success is undoubtedly a brief history to the history of the pizza that is occupied flat pasta with tomato sauce and cheese known worldwide and as popular as ever the history of pizza. By Italian emigrants she spread towards the end of the 19th century for the first time in the United States. Pizza in Europe outside Italy was known after the second world war. Already in the 1950s were the first fast-food chains specialising in pizza… The first frozen pizzas came to the United States in the 1960s on the market, short time later also in Europe. Today, pizza next to spaghetti considered the best-known Italian national dish and there is hardly a country in which it is not offered.

Two types are widely used in the United States, the pizza Chicago style”, as well as the New York style pizza”, where the New Yorker variant close with their very thin soil of the Italian version. in 1970 came up, the first frozen pizzas in Germany where sales rapidly increased: 2007 was a record level by 253,000 tons corresponds to approximately 768 million units – achieved. Judging by the history, the most traditional of all pizzas, pizza Magherita, which is occupied only with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, named in honour of Queen Margherita of Savoy. The first delivery was in 1889 in Italy, Raffaele Esposito was transferred the Baker the task, according to a legend to deliver its pizzas to the Royal House. The delivery service at the beginning of the 1980s has prevailed in Germany. Offered initially only in large cities, there is not yet so sparsely populated area which does not have a delivery service today. This online delivery services, food stalls and restaurants compete more and more. The pizza with a mouse click is becoming increasingly popular among customers.

In many places, yet again new pizzerias are opened because the run on the popular pasta dish is unbroken. This is also reflected in areas equipped with restaurants, that a good coexistence between restaurants and online delivery services is possible. Despite numerous good current Pizzerias in Berlin-Schoneberg may well keep online delivery services. There are more and more German restaurants, which in addition to House sell various online ordering platform for food and beverage join or offer even the possibility of a delivery home. After many have become accustomed to shopping for clothing, media and technology on the Internet, be abandoned now also increasingly food ordering on the Internet. Nearly 15 percent of Germans have ordered their food ever online, and turns the pizza also conformed to the spirit of the times and still like us, for over 200 years.