Stiegler Resignation

– The Guardian ' ' With exception of the monarchs, its resignation locks up the period longest of a government in mundo' ' , (…) ' ' Raul I castrate, 76, is considered the main candidate to be indicated by the Cuban parliament as new presidente' '. – Le Monde' ' The periodical cites the paper of the brother Raul Castrates, and says that the resignation happens in a period of uncertainties after 49 years in poder' '. – Bugle, ' ' the resignation of Fidel has impact the same of when the power Raul was passed Castrates, he has one year and meio' '. Thus the media if becomes, then, only one vehicle of transit of the ideology of the dominant economic classroom, as Stiegler pointed in shining recent article of Le Monde Diplomatque. 4. Consideraes FinaisO scene where they today operate the medias of mass is modifying the production and the diffusion of the notice, as well as establishing new forms of if consummating the information and the astroroofs of ways, newness between the Latin American countries, monitors these medias in the attempt to contribute in its perfectionings, and determines the improvement of democracy through the transparency, freedom and citizenship. Inside of this context, the most varied subjects and questions they compete between itself to get attention of the public opinion, changedding itself, then, in true battlefield between ' ' social actors and polticos' ' , having as centre section, the proper press. Not if he must, however, to fall in the easy trap of that the mechanism politician is dominated by the media, only for knowing that certain speeches (majority, it is clearly) only they are come back to make it to appear. The effect of the media are diverse, they depend on the specific situations where if they insert, and suffer to the action from contratrends and resistncias.