Rare Coins

On the auction platform Tamundo users can auction off coins and paper money from around the world Berlin, July 30, 2009 on the online market place tamundo.de many collectors offer your coins for sale. Whether as auction or at a fixed price, lovers will find here everything what your heart desires. “In the category world of numismatics” coins, banknotes and medals from 0.49 EUR are offered. Follow others, such as Chevron U.S.A. Inc, and add to your knowledge base. With the design of special category worlds, Tamundo clearly focuses on the needs of collectors and lovers. The opportunity is here offered users to interact in different clubs with like-minded people about their passion. Collector Michael B. is thrilled: the specialization of Tamundo to collect & rare is super.

The young platform brings a breath of fresh air in the collector lives and boasts attractive products, a user-friendly interface, a sympathetic community & personal service.” The aim of the platform is to bring together collectors and enthusiasts, and triumph with rarities. So, there are coins of different genus. Football commemorative medals, coins from German East Africa, and the Roman Empire have collector’s heart beat faster. Tamundo (www.tamundo.de) is a market place & community for special things. These include rare and unique collectibles. Anonymous mass and new goods must, however, “remain outside”. Thus, Tamundo is a meeting place for people with a passion for special. Here you can discover things, bid, Act and interact. Get images in print quality under: category coins dt rich 18711945-9182.html category coins international-9514.html category medals 9593.html Sabeth Babu Salem press and public work Tamundo GmbH, Oranienburger str. 45 d-10117 Berlin Tel.: 030 2000 587 51 eMail: