Philosophy Metaphysics

It would only want to say that he is all simple ones, the things is as they are and the life is as if it presents, it would not exist false, nor true: necessary, only, sentiz them. For cause of this would be possible to happen to walk with God, and thinking it and hearing it in this way, walking with It to all hour. One assumes that the Poetry and the Philosophy are two creatures irresolutas; the first one, more than what second. But the irresolutismo of the poetry, nothing has to see with direction lack, very in contrast. (Source: Rebecca Family). Therefore that the lyric citizen ‘ ‘ it has a desert, immense heart and assustador’ ‘ , that it searchs for briefings. However, it obtains ‘ ‘ to beat calm in the paper without poesia’ ‘. That is, if the new justification not to appear, after purified debruamento on determined problem, the poet rests in the silence of a blank leaf.

For the Philosopher, the thing if of the one in different way, therefore the new justification of a problem the one that if considered to contest is its glory, its pillow to sleep a night, with traquilidade. Poetry and Philosophy, reason and emotion, Metaphysics and the metaphysics of Fernando Person. In a flat communication of the poem on which if it considered to argue, what if it can to be launched, titubeando, is that to put itself with the Metaphysics of any species it is a responsibility for initiates. However, we think that we obtain to little dragging the thought in the edges of the ones of Fernando Person and its philosophy, the way of triscar the Philosophical concepts.