Palatine Courier

Pfalz courier press portal starts many interesting facts about the Rhine-Neckar region with new tasks in the new year that Pfalz courier press portal offers in the new year, and it remains a free service. The past year is just over, but the memories remain. Pfalz Courier can draw a positive conclusion after the year 2010, but has continued to air up. The perspective to develop and offer even more for the readers is top priority. To respond more to the needs of our visitors are, be it in the form of competitions or surveys. The line of the Palatine Courier is still preserved.

Still, all information and reports on the press portal will be published free. In addition to the contacts to the organisers and performers, we would intensify contact with our readers and readers and expand. Here we ask like, more frequently us your opinion to disclose to us. Write us what you like about Palatine courier and what you want for the future. It’s another goal the region better to put in scene. In the future, we would also background information or general topics to the Palatinate, whose culture, country, and people offered. The story of the Palatinate is much and should also for not Palatine more, be a reason to click the press portal of Palatine courier. Be curious and diligently continue to visit us. We welcome any support. In this sense, we wish a happy new year and that made resolutions go as far as possible all in fulfilment of all!