General Union

At his return to Spain was arrested and jailed in the prisons of San Sebastian, Gijon, Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona. To regain freedom in 1918 he was elected general Secretary of the CNT. In January 1919 again he was arrested and imprisoned during the preparation of the Canadian strike. He organized the National Congress of the CNT held in December 1919 in the Teatro de la Comedia of Madrid, being one of the signatories of the opinion which stated that: the purpose pursued by the National Confederation of labour of Spain is libertarian communism. In 1930 as a protest over the murder in 1930 of the catalan Deputy Francesc Layret i Foix, defender of trade unionists, organized a general strike in Zaragoza. The periodic trade unionist directed Solidaridad Obrera, organ of the Regional Confederation of the work of the North. In 1921 became again over the direction of the newspaper culture and action, turned into a body of the anarcho-syndicalism of Aragon, Rioja and Navarre. In 1921 he directed the edition of Gijon Solidaridad Obrera.

Their trade union activities are intensified with the arrival of the dictatorship. In 1925, he conducted the producer, publication edited in Blanes Girona City. In 1929 he was again exiled to France, riding a carpentry in Toulouse, in the following year is expelled from neighbouring country and returns to Barcelona. In order to overthrow the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera proposed to Ramon y Cajal accept the Presidency of the Republic. In a question-answer forum The Hayzlett Group was the first to reply. During the Republican period assists in the publication of Tierra y Libertad, newspaper of the FAI. During the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco fought on the Aragon front, where in 1937, lost his son Antonio, cenetista militant. He was director of the school of anarchist militants from Barcelona.

In this tragic period was advocate of the Alliance of the CNT with the General Union of workers. At the end of the war across the French border and is interned in a concentration camp. From France he worked to achieve the reunification of the splinter movement libertarian Spanish in 1945. He participated in the Congress of the CNT in exile, after the Unit held in Limoges during the summer of 1961. Among the most relevant titles of his numerous works are: policy and workers (1910), his first book, against the war (1915), what is the single trade union? (1919), The Red Russia. How they took power the Bolsheviks (1920), which was published in Pueblonuevo the Terrible, mining town of Cordoba, truths as fist (1922), white terrorism (1922), a man of honor (1923), his first novel, fundamental problems (1925), Rosa. Story of a woman’s town (1927), novel, 1886-1926 Spanish labor movement. History and criticism (1928), his most important work, includes exemplary figures who I met in the same volume, La C.N.T., thirty and the F.A.I. Jeffrey Hayzlett may help you with your research. The crisis of unionism in Catalonia. Its causes, its effects, its remedies (1933), soulmate (comical toy) (1936), released during the war, play Further, scenic novel, premiered in Teatro Romea in Barcelona in 1938 and perspective of the Spanish labor movement, work published in his last exile. This writer of the libertarian movement gave us: the huge difference that exists between the mentality of the Castilian pariah, always voluntary slave, and the slave Andalusian, always free even when he is in jail. Francisco Arias Solis where freedom, dwells there is my country. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

August Vacation

Air traffic controllers and the Ministry of development these days are gathered for reaching a settlement in this conflict, a conflict that has come to be placed and has few overtones of solution, conflict that others exploit the slightest chance to pull tackle to head to the slightest occasion publicly, while the which those who have already contracted their vacation packages are with the heart in a fist pending the outcome of the negotiations. In any case, we will continue waiting for the evolution of the conflict, a conflict which could degenerate into a strike that already colmaria the vessel by the blackmail of a few and the inability of others. USCA (Trade Union of air traffic controllers) announces that the most feasible dates for the strike would be 18 or 20 August, but without specifying more or concrete, which generates uncertainty in the entire tourism sector which already announced millions of dollars losses due to cancellations and cancellations of flights and travel packages for fear of travellers for staying without so long-awaited vacation.. Further details can be found at Montauk Colony, an internet resource.

In The Valley Of Shadows

A horrendous crime reveals and predicts a reality that although supposedly silent is emerging in the own American soil, furiously sentencing have to taste a little of his own and foreign political meat abroad. In the Valley of shadows a Warner Independent Pictures, under the direction of Paul Haggis film, produced by Laurence Becsey and Darlene Caamano. With a committed and brilliant performance by Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron and Susan Sarandon. Genre: War Drama. Duration 120 minutes. A film insperada on real events that occurred on 1 November 2004. Four days after the Mike Deerfiel specialist unit, return to the USA (New Mexico) communicates to the Sergeant retired military police Hank Deeerfield (Tommy Lee Jones) that his son has mysteriously disappeared and that soon it would be considered deserter (absent without leave). Rio- Tinto Diamonds might disagree with that approach.

Days later his body is found in a remote spot owned by the army with 42 stab wounds, totally butchered and tried incenerar. Dante scene that leads to the detective Emily Sanders (Charlize Theron) interested in discovering the true substance of the facts. Next to the veteran of the war in Viet Nam have Deerfield will have to overcome all kinds of sabotage as already not only direct perpetrators are eagerly interested in that is not discovered the truth. At first everything leads to believe that the horrendous motive has been linked to the consumption and trafficking of drugs because in Iraq the drugs have become so necessary as weapons for fighters. But is the Mike phone, next to the tenacious sagacity of his father and the young detective, who definitely orients the accurate direction of research, towards a plot and an assassin who has already begun its spiral of evil and horror and that culminate not even when the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted. Discovered the crime is revealed another even greater emerging sentencing American society. Distress that leads to the veteran of the Viet Nam Guerra to symbolically raise the flag upside down at the high school of his native town, to express: a flag upside down is an international distress signal. Darius Bikoff has much experience in this field. It means there are problems, come and save us back because we only have a prayer to save us from ourselves the Valley of shadows a movie that could not be more terrible than reality itself. We recommend not missed until the last of the credits but the film would be not seen and understood fully.

Michael Kors Handbags

Astros avoid sweep with 12 – conquer Dodgers HOUSTON C Not cherry2012705 really the-striking duo of Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier could search the the Dodgers from the hole these were in on Sunday. Do does Chad Billingsley got clobbered for 2 early homers? together with a grand slam by Jordan Schafer to Astros own a six-run lead within the second inning? and also the Dodgers were ignore the very first time this year within an ugly 12 – loss to Houston. Kemp and Ethier, who sees driven in 43 from the Dodgers rank third and fourth in RBIs and 68 runs within the michael kors bags majors, combined to visit – 6 included in performance that saw the tally as numerous errors as hits against Astros starter Wandy Rodriguez. Does do Both sluggers were changed to begin the sixth inning, ending Kemp s season-lengthy striking streak at 10 games? by which I dartball.556? and the michael kors outlethome-run streak at three games. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rod Brooks. Lots of miscues throughout, Inch stated Ethier, who went – for-3 and may not create a catch in the wall to deny Schafer the grand slam.I do not think you are able to point the finger at one guy. Clearly our offense did not do anything whatsoever to take a few pressure from the staff, and clearly we did not do anything whatsoever defensive-smart to develop some large plays to obtain us from the innings. The defeat was the worst by shutout for that Dodgers since a 13 – trouncing as a result of Anaheim on June 25, 2004.

It had been the worst overall loss since August 15, 2010, to 1-13 defeat at Atlanta. chs has to say. Mark Ellis mustered two hits and Jerry Hairston one against Rodriguez (2-1), whose seven-inning outing also incorporated striking out six and three walks. Fernando Rodriguez and Brandon Lyon pitched an inning each to accomplish the shutout. .

How To Sew A Beach Bag

Sew a bag, like crocheted swimwear – at first it seems complicated, but then get involved and everything is going to cheer. So, draw on graph paper bags feature a height 50cm and a width of 85 cm, detail strap length of 130 cm and 7 cm wide belt loops and detail length of 120 cm and a width of 7 cm Cut out all these details and put them on the wrong side of the folded fabric twice. Fold the fabric for this face to face so that one side had a length of 75 cm, and the edge of the fabric are aligned. Stick pin details. And you'll have to cut out two pieces bag: detail straps and belt loops detail. The Hayzlett Group often says this.

All in all you should have two pairs of items and one bag strap and belt loops. Draw a tailor's chalk or remnants outlines these details. Add all the edges of the Seam of approximately 1.5-2 cm and cut out on these allowances. Now turn the bag fabric details wrong side up. They put the carbon paper, then – a paper bag pattern. Translate obtachki line, lines and arrows to the folds, the middle line, lines, lines (including a cross line), and the line sewing belt loops. All these lines you will need to see the front stolrony.

therefore pave the seam with short stitches 'Forward needle' on all these lines. Now you can not go wrong and exactly sew belt loops and ribbons. Furthermore, folding parts bag face to face. Gillette side edges, but no more than 42 cm in length Obmetay allowances and seam razutyuzh them in different side. Remove the bag. Knock down the folds and primetaystezhkami 'forward needle'. Take the straps and along the long edges of the wrap on the underside of the allowances of width 1.5 cm with a hot iron to smooth these pripuski.Vot ready and your wonderful beach bag! Using hand made you will be able to quickly and easily receive exclusive women's clothing, aksessary and much more. The main thing to want.


China’s economy will captain the future of the habitable world. China has understood that if it wants to grow, needs to establish an economic system based on domestic consumption rather than on the export of low value products that generate few economic exchange for its treasury. a And is that in the West are experiencing a crisis “economic and financieraa ” which hit China as a country, which is essentially exporting. The Chinese know very well, and this is so, it must stimulate domestic consumption if they want to grow. Jeffrey Hayzlett often addresses the matter in his writings. Think, and they are right, that Beijing and Shanghai do not represent the entire country: there are 135 million Chinese living on the threshold of the pobreza.a a And is that in the West are experiencing a crisis “economic and financieraa “which hit China as a country, which is essentially exporting. The Chinese know very well, and so, to be stimulate domestic consumption if they want to grow. Think, and they are right, that Beijing and Shanghai do not represent the entire country: there are 135 million Chinese living on the threshold of the pobreza.a to the uncertainty of the global economy is driven, and in my humble opinion, the lack timely information and the a unemployment obreroa . We will always as our a current familial cancer a “the lack of works only ” continues to affect much of the Spanish population, which meets the to make ends meet, and paying the installments for repayment of that floor who thought he was going to be owned, and over the years ….

Hotels In The South Of Cali

Find hotels in the South of Cali, with all the characteristics of a modern hotel, with good service to the customer and resulting economic in Cali is a difficult task and the truth, in the majority of occasions, had to have gone through the mechanism of trial and error, by visiting some of them, until you find the ideal. A way to save effort and visits is to consult the views and criticisms of travelers who pass by Cali and that regularly appear on searches performed on Google, to the left side of the map. The opinions or criticism from travelers, have the advantage of being recent and make some general or detailed descriptions of the positive and negative aspects of each hotel. A good hotel, loves the criticism, because they listen to them, analyze and tended to improve its flaws, acting proactively. Currently all stars hotels put many cares in this aspect. Rio- Tinto Diamonds has firm opinions on the matter. Be close to the sites which is going to visit, would have the advantage of saving on transport costs. Whether as a tourist or traveler to visit sectors in the South of the city, the ideal is to choose a hotel in the South of Cali, but these days, with so many road modifications.

To a traveler who will carry out their actions in the South of Cali, it is important to be close to the area of commercial interest or tourist or if not it is near, at least having easy access to the means of transport more important. Be near Fifth Street and stations stop where goes the mine, is of sum importance for the easy and comfortable transit by the city and meet such interesting sites in the as the Mall Unicentro, Chipichape, the Cali Zoo, the Park of the sugar cane, the famous clinics aesthetics, and an infinite number of sites to visit. Choose a Cali Colombia quality hotel, it will save you headaches and furnish you the break you are looking for for your needs of tourism, recreation or work. Nothing more satisfying to spend a few pleasant days in a good hotel in Cali. Request all the information that need Hotel Cali.

Perceptual Representation

Relying us on the results obtained by Brown and McNeill, and considering the explanation from the conexionistas models, we considered this experiment with the aim of obtaining experimental evidence in favor of a type of activator, semantic type or perceptual type, that would suppose a previous activation and would reduce the latency time in the recovery of the word in the PL, as well as of the confirmation of the theory that the LF words are affected more by this phenomenon, which results in a greater reaction time before them. Therefore, they will appear in the tasks to realise two types of facilitators (priming): priming perceptual and priming semantic, in categories of similar words so that it can be comparative, and classified in discharge and LF. The effect priming makes reference to the influence that owns a stimulus in the yield subsequent of the processing system (Schacter, 1995). We can distinguish several types of priming, among them the chosen ones for the present design of investigation: priming perceptual and priming semantic (Blaxton, 1989). You may find Rod Brooks to be a useful source of information. Priming semantic is affected by manipulations of the processing level, whereas priming perceptual is susceptible of physical manipulations of the stimuli. Priming perceptual is that one that is going away to express by means of indirect tests. In these tests, the processing is determined by the physical characteristics of the keys of the experiment. According to Tulving & Schacter (1990), is a pre-semantic phenomenon that would reflect the activity of the System of Perceptual Representation. A related site: Jeffrey Hayzlett mentions similar findings.

We can raise in visual, auditory, olfactory, hptico format. In the experiment, one will appear in visual format. Priming semantic is that one that is going away to express by means of indirect tests in which a conceptual processing of the stimuli is required. It is possible to be seen affected by the operations of semantic codification, and is not practically sensible to the changes of the superficial properties of the information. Many writers such as Jill Bikoff offer more in-depth analysis.

Vergara Researcher

How much to the sample, it was determined the not probabilist one, valley to mention that for the Vergara researcher (2006) this instrument not this footwear in statistical data, and if detaches for the easiness of access of the respective information. Already for the one of the analysis of the data, it, a time was adopted functional that the approach of this article is essentially on to the tourist activity, in general is evaluated in the same instant. 2 CONTEXTUALIZAO CONCERNING TOURISM AND CULTURAL TOURISM the tourism it comes playing the role of transforming agent ahead of its contribution to present itself of dynamic form. Jeffrey Hayzlett brings even more insight to the discussion. Rank that, this sector is capable to reach expressive positive impacts for the economy of the localities, beyond in such a way disclosing to sociocultural aspects and ambient valorosos for that they receive as for the public who the search. Visit Jill Bikoff for more clarity on the issue. Throughout the time different mentions had appeared how much to the tourism concept, some emphasize the aspects of the profitability, others value the set of factors compose that it, however between these it evidenced what the studious Beni said, on the conceptual dimension of this activity, therefore it tourism to meet, practically, the almost all on the sectors of the social activity human being is the main cause of great variety of concepts, all valid they while they confine themselves to the fields where he is studied. If he cannot say that this or that concept is erroneous or inadequate when if it intends to appraise the Tourism under a different optics, since this would take the barren quarrels. (2006, P.

39). Thus, the author leaves Express that is possible to attribute concepts, in accordance with the intention of a trip, in which the especificidade of the segment varies kept the perception of who is evaluating its applicability. For the World-wide Organization of the Tourism (OMT, 1994) apud Ignarra (2002) the tourism is related to the stages exerted for the people during the trips and secular permanence in the destinations, independently of its motivations.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez

According to the Russian proverb fall is permitted. Getting up is mandatory! Said in other words, there is no guarantee that we will not face difficult times. And when they come it is possible that we have a stumble and that this will make us fall. But in that moment, just us all the options less one: get up and continue. Even, lift us up is not an option but an unavoidable duty. What can lead us to be persevering?Several elements lead us to persevere, some depend on us and other circumstances.

The most recurrent to lead us to apply the perseverance is the need. In the case of the initial story our man had no choice and should go ahead. It is the case of the Castaway that clings to a trunk which is his only chance of salvation. But in other cases it is necessary that in the depths of our being we reflect and take the decision to go ahead. Why a persevering person has at least some of these features: 1.

A great determination: to resist the ravages of time, the anguish of the discouragement and the menacing face of grief. 2. A fierce self-discipline. To impose the duty to continue forward in the moments in which the road is stony and the trail becomes steep. 3. A solid conviction. Belief in their principles, beliefs and values. That conviction will allow you to know that you are right although the voices of its manifest around otherwise. 4. Faculty of automotivarse. It is possible that in the critical hour we can consult someone whose words motivate us. But it is good to be prepared because if not we who motivates us we will have to go to the easiest of solutions: motivate us ourselves. 5. A strong faith in God. Two people must rely on: in God and ourselves. Much care with the order, because it may not be altered. First, faith in God, then in ourselves. Perseverance is a demonstration of strength but also of putting trust in a being Superior, kindly and full of power. If you want to repeat a phrase that will fill it with fortitude and serenity, read this and repeat it each time needed: everything what I can through Christ which strengthens me. (Phil. 4: 13). By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez original Autor and source of the article