Guided Study

Carlos Drummondde Andrade as Vincius de Moraes had been excellent sonetistas. Deuma is not antimodernista generation in the interior about the proper Modernismo. For the opposite, these poets had taken the project of ‘ ahead; freedom of expresso’ of the seusantecessores, the point even to include in this concept of deformed freedom the job used by clssicos.’ ‘ On the peace, Drummond wrote: ‘ ‘ The quarrels philosophical politics and around the idea of the peace, and half sobreos to reach it, are infindveis. To say well, they only suffer umintervalo while the wars are stopped, always more easy to declare.

However, the key of the problem is theoretically simple, and can be encontradano Old Will, Salmo 84.em. 11: ‘ The mercy and the truth seencontraram: justice and the peace if had kissed. ‘ Summarizing: the other name of the peace justia.’ ‘ concludes: ‘ ‘ Carlos Drummond de Andrade, throughout 56anos of literary career, is the poet whom better the spirit represents dessagerao and one of the points highest of ours literatura.’ ‘ He is to remember, comment Audemaro T. Goulart and Oscar V. Hisses in Guided Study of Language eLiteratura, ed. of Brazil – SP, ‘ ‘ the estrangeirismo use as gauche, sweet home, meeting, everything very contrary what they claim the puristas. However, one becomes necessary to clarify that such productions stand out an important fatomuito, that is the existing linguistic reality in Brazil (…) they well despertam the reader of its comportadoalheamento compelling to participate it of an involving process that characterizes apoesia of the age tecnolgica’ ‘. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

Wedding Details

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Eastern Europe

For its part States, McDermott observes that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the extent and speed of the transfer of assets from the Government to the private sector was critical to the definition of the characteristics of emerging markets. But that generated problems on both sides of the spectrum of privatization. Many of the measures had to do with the volume of the economy in the hands of private initiative. Such parameters did not help much, he says. Those who did not show any change were bad, and that changed too fast also ended up being it. McDermott investigated patterns of development in Eastern Europe and Latin America, and noted that the differences in the economic advancement can be attributed to what calls transnational integration, such as the admission schemes to the European Union or participation in Nafta.

Such systems have different characteristics and may provide a better understanding of the economic potential of countries that may join the club of developed nations. The organization that comes to mind in such cases is almost always the OECD (Organization for cooperation and economic development Lo true, indicates the article from Wharton, Witold Henisz, management Professor, Wharton, that emerging economies began to review recently his vision of the global economy, mainly after the resource rich nations started to gain influence in commodity markets, currently in free trade expansion. Those Nations wish to integrate into the international markets and are therefore open to foreigners willing to build their economic infrastructure, but for that demand greater benefits compensation. Unlike what happened in the early days of colonialism, these countries are not scanned. The approach is now more sophisticated, says Henisz.

It is as if they were saying: we want to continue working with you, but under our conditions. It is a form of more similar to the US approach, says Henisz. Those countries aims to play with the same rules that we play.

Francisco Franco Workers

Consultation with the elders of the place, the previous precedent of Metro de Madrid general strike without minimum services, was in the Decade of the 1970s, with Francisco Franco still as conductor. At that time, talk about rights and obligations of workers under the Constitution could be considered little more than utopian (by its absence), but today seen today, and it seems will repeat in the coming days, whether you’re company or worker (and I count myself among the latter) is, without doubt, an uppercase unconsciousness. These gentlemen, who guided our evolution as employees, unfortunately have forgotten that, in addition to having right to strike, workers have obligations, and one of them is the fulfilment of minimum services. If today would have asked Metro workers, insurance that more than 90% would have voted for meet the minimum services. And that’s the problem in our modern society, there is a 90% of coherent population, directed by 10% of unconscious. Salary reduction affect them unions on strike? To see if anyone is coming by here and us out of doubt would be affected by the possible dismissal? No comments. Gentlemen, the end does not justify the means.

International Union

The conflict between Washington and Havana resulted in a trade embargo against Cuba, which remains until today. Convened to analyze the problems of violence and the development of a culture of peace, the OAS Assembly put aside his main agenda to focus on the Cuban, tinged case of tensions between delegations and protests outside the venue of the meeting in this city in the Northwest of Honduras. Given this reality it is no surprise as the Publisher of the newspaper La Nacion of Buenos Aires highlights, it is not surprising the destemplado lexicon of Fidel Castro in celebrate, but do not accept the possibility that your country access again to a bench in the Organization of American States (OAS), which was expelled in 1962. Surprisingly, the tone with which disqualified its members branded as implicitly complicit in all the trash of 60 years of betrayal of the peoples of Latin America. It is one of their many qualifiers, dumps in writing, against a unique institution that, bad that despite us, not always was at the height of the circumstances, as it did with the failed application of the Inter-American Treaty of reciprocal assistance (TIAR) during the Falklands war. It reminds us of the editorial, that the OAS, arose in 1890 of the first International American Conference held in Washington under the name of International Union of American republics, it went through different stages and exceeded several crises until in 1948, adopted the Charter of the Organization of American States. In those years, and in the subsequent no agency of that magnitude could have acted independently of Governments. It is unfair, then, the criticism of Castro, beyond that the Foreign Ministers meeting in the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula did not seem to repair in his opinion when they approved the reintegration of Cuba, which bridge to its regional integration.


To only clarify; Collector or operator of system road is that person that is in the cabins of the toll, that you in such a way hate, now goes The routine of a collector is not far from easy. It has days that of the will to strangle one, mainly those flattest ones. It is each question. These days were a rain of those. The closed time, fog, in end, everything of bad for the roads.

the user had the capacity to ask, as it was the time in the mountain range. I breathed I establish, I thought and I answered that it was with rain and the slippery track. When I thought that he was free of the luggage, it completed asking, how many cars already had passed until that moment. I gave to that one risadinha and spoke that in my diverse cabin cars had past. He is temporary without money, I find that we have bank face, is incredible these things, or then those users who have anger of currencies. When you receive the money and if she prepares I change to give it. The individual already complains that it does not want currencies.

To the times I think that they Only bite that she has situations that skill does not have. As I change to return it of R$0,60 (sixty cents), if will not be with currencies. That I know, not yet they had invented ballots for values in cents. Or if they had invented, not yet I received and nor was spoken in the television. It has woman that envergonha the classroom, but has man that seems that never saw woman. When passing for he looks at you to the cabin as if you were a water cup in the desert, pra not to say another thing, without counting those that hold its hand and are saying a mount of besteiras This when they are not drunk and he has people that dirige of fire! It is fire Beyond risking the proper life, he risks the life of the others.


It can then be understood that empreendedorismo is the capacity that an individual, independent of its formation, has of looking at the gift and perceiving an idea/chance and, from this idea, to generate change. But, beyond this capacity of perception and creation, the empreendedorismo demands courage and persistence to take risks and to surpass them. New ideas bring uncertainties and these uncertainties demand of the enterprising courage to face the stranger and devotion, of time, money and disposal, to surpass the risks and difficulties. Thus an entrepreneur will only have some possibility of spoon resulted in the future. SURMOUNTINGS Franquia or Franchising are a system of distribution of products and or services. This system establishes that the franqueador yields to made available the right to explore its concept, know-how and marks by means of a financial consideration.

(PL, 2001). The made available one – that generally is an entrepreneur? it acquires by means of a contract the rights of use of a consolidated mark already in the market? the franqueador, that generally is another entrepreneur who searchs market expansion? starts to commercialize its products and services following the standard determined for the franqueador. The surmounting also can be defined as a system of marketing, conducted for a legal contract that involves two parts. One has left, the made available one, receives the right to use a known mark already in the market, as he was its individual proprietor, but assuming the obligation to work respecting the methods, processes, standards and terms taxes for the other part, the franqueador, the real owner of the mark. This made available and franqueador relation between is firmed by means of a legal agreement, known as franchise agreement. (LONGENECKER, MOORE and PETTY, 2004) the surmounting is, without a doubt, an excellent way for the entrepreneur. In Brazil, this modality of empreendedorismo has if developed in special and sped up way, to each year the numbers grow uninjured the crises and oscillations.

Stiegler Resignation

– The Guardian ' ' With exception of the monarchs, its resignation locks up the period longest of a government in mundo' ' , (…) ' ' Raul I castrate, 76, is considered the main candidate to be indicated by the Cuban parliament as new presidente' '. – Le Monde' ' The periodical cites the paper of the brother Raul Castrates, and says that the resignation happens in a period of uncertainties after 49 years in poder' '. – Bugle, ' ' the resignation of Fidel has impact the same of when the power Raul was passed Castrates, he has one year and meio' '. Thus the media if becomes, then, only one vehicle of transit of the ideology of the dominant economic classroom, as Stiegler pointed in shining recent article of Le Monde Diplomatque. 4. Consideraes FinaisO scene where they today operate the medias of mass is modifying the production and the diffusion of the notice, as well as establishing new forms of if consummating the information and the astroroofs of ways, newness between the Latin American countries, monitors these medias in the attempt to contribute in its perfectionings, and determines the improvement of democracy through the transparency, freedom and citizenship. Inside of this context, the most varied subjects and questions they compete between itself to get attention of the public opinion, changedding itself, then, in true battlefield between ' ' social actors and polticos' ' , having as centre section, the proper press. Not if he must, however, to fall in the easy trap of that the mechanism politician is dominated by the media, only for knowing that certain speeches (majority, it is clearly) only they are come back to make it to appear. The effect of the media are diverse, they depend on the specific situations where if they insert, and suffer to the action from contratrends and resistncias.

The Sun

It swims can be made until it ceases the storm. At the beginning of the afternoon rain for suddenly and dammed waters start quickly if to flow off, following its habitual passages for the valleys and depressions of the land. The Sun tries to emit its shining energy through the thick dark cloud layer that still fills all the space visible, but what note is an unknown scene amazingly beautiful e. A great rainbow if forms in a short period of time and they contemplate it to all, perplexos ahead of so exuberant beauty. Nobody finds words to describe that so radiating scene; remains pasmos, trying to find an explanation. They knew the rainbow well, therefore frequently they sighted one in the firmamento, after each one of intense rains that frequent fall down in the region.

But, never they turn a so beautiful gigantic that seemed to form itself close, few lguas from there. While they observe admired that flaring scene another equally surprising fact happens. As if appeared of the nothing, seven warriors appear in the superior curve of the rainbow. Each one insurance in the left arm a shield of corresponding color to the band of the rainbow where the warrior is located. They show showy helmets with variegadas plumes of colors.

In the left hand, together with the shield, arrests two light spears; they use identical uniforms, composites of leather jacket without sleeves richly decorated, pettitcoat of wide worked leather straps and sandals, also of leather, whose mooring cables if extend crossed until next to the knees, where are tied. Per some instants they examine mountains and the forest. Soon after they go down for the rainbow, side by side, while, with the eyes, they complement the recognition in the high initiate. Visas at a distance if do not identify the accurate place where they had gone down.

Sanitary Recycling

This type of income already exists has many years, is only few the countries adopt that it. The paper is one of the main products of the recycling, goes to understand its importance. The amount of paper that a person of a developed country plays outside per year is equivalent to the amount produced for two knocked down trees. Each ton of recycled paper means that about twenty trees they leave of being knocked down and the process of recycling of the paper spends little energy of what the production of paper with the cellulose of the trees. In each recycling the paper loses cellulose, that it needs to be restituted in certain amount, but exactly thus, the process also saves trees and energy. In the same way when recycle the glass and the aluminum, we diminish the ore consumption and also we will save energy. The recycled glass production saves 75% of energy in relation to the production of the not-recycled glass, while the metal production recycled it saves 85% of energy.

The necessity and the importance of the recycling of the garbage happen essentially of a set of factors, whose basic space dimension contitui condicionante: the exhaustion of raw materials, cost increasing of raw material attainment, economy of energy, non-availability and increasing cost of the sanitary aterros, cost of increasing transports, pollution and damages the public health, generation of income and job and reduction of the production costs. (CALDERONI, 1999, P. 35-38) It is very easy to recycle the organic garbage, transforming it into seasoning. In the compostagem plants (that they recycle garbage), the organic part of the garbage – vegetable and food remaining portions as leves, fruits, rinds of fruits, bagasses and deteriorated vegetables? initially it is placed to leaven. After this procedure, the composition (that it is the product of the fermentation) for a special machine is taken, transforms that it into seasoning.