Marketing Company

Then discuss some considerations prior to the preparation of a prospectus: 1. for who becomes a brochure? For the client. What does a brochure? Sells. Necessary to ensure that the leaflet is seller. To do this, it must be written and carefully designed by a professional. A brochure is not a decorative part of the company; It is an investment in marketing to generate business. The brochure must sell.

2. Approximately 80% of people not open those brochures whose decks do not call your attention with a benefit or a specific reason. The brochure cover design is extremely important. 3 It must know the needs and desires of readers of the brochure, and demonstrate that the company can satisfy them. Demonstrating the benefits achieved firing emotions, and emotions always win against the logical persuasion. 4 Key benefits must be outstanding, thus tempt readers to venture into the contents of the brochure. You always have to motivate them so they come in action.

5. What features or? benefits? For example, an application that saves an hour of work to a client is a feature; that extra hour so customer can enjoy along with their children is a benefit. A good way of finding benefits is making a list of all the characteristics of a product or service and ask yourself what is that the customer gets thanks to these characteristics?. 6. The design of a sales brochure must project an image of first class. Only a professional quality design will make that the booklet, and the company, are professionals in the eyes of potential customers. 7. The technical language is difficult to read, even for technicians. What is preferable: read a technical document or a document more light but understandable? 8 Marketing materials must be interconnected: brochure should provide information about the newsletter or the website of the company, and vice versa. It should also make reference to other published materials or any recognition that has been received. 9. The discourse used in the