Life Without SMS

Imagine that the sms was canceled. As we continue to live without them in the first place, instead of cool or original pictures congratulations verses, we would have only banal talk on the phone. And in situations where you want declaration of love girlfriend, a date for the first time, or vice versa to end the relationship – all now exclusively and mouth the words, rather than text and hand. How many nerves, stress and emotions? A mobile phone with smsok can save a lot of mental strength. Second, the exchange of funny pictures, smiles – it's a big world of creativity since flirting when meeting and ending with a marriage proposal of his favorite 'half'. I remember Once my girlfriend during the time of candy-buketnogo period of our relationship had sent sms-ky intimate with the implication that I caught a taxi and rushed to her at 6 am.

The driver throughout the journey was frightened of my excitement. And the same specialists in psychology, argue that there is a certain percentage of people who are shy about sex play and candid conversations. Everything else can not stand too emotional quarrels and scandals. Without prescription, all these "Sensitive and modest," Men would feel crippled …. Third, sms for many – is a hobby. Some collect on the toilet lid, old coins or earbuds gum, and my friends collect sms about love phone. Remember, it is sometimes nice to dig into the memory of your phone and find that same message from loved ones. Or cheer yourself up on a boring meeting, just by looking at a couple of jokes sent by friends.

Take it and life will become a gray, nondescript and boring. And, finally, each of us wants to be fashionable, modern and mobile. SMS communication is just an indication of the quality of our time. Always in touch and up to date – it is stylish. Horoscope, weather, schedule of lectures by SMS – it's convenient. Declaration of love, funny jokes and dating sms – it is original. Actually, the crowd of fans so this kind of communication with each passing year increases.