KoTTER Security Thanks Employees For Courageous Action

Bathers suffered after WSP sting allergic shock: Joanna Braun and Robert Wegorzewski were quick / cash reward in recognition of Hanover. Their task is the supervision on the Lakes of the lower Saxon town of Isernhagen. In the course of this activity, two staff members of the Hanover branch kotter security, Hamburg, have now become lifesavers. Joanna Braun and Robert Wegorzewski have acted decisively, as their help was urgently needed”, said Branch Manager Frank Kuhne. For our special thanks go to you.” As recognition for their prudent actions, employees received a cash prize and a commendation letter from the management. Joanna Braun and Robert Wegorzewski had helped last week an ortsgruppenleiter bather, who had responded with an allergic shock on a WSP sting.

When they became aware during her tour on the life-threatening situation, informed them by mobile phone the rescue workers immediately and showed them the way to the Lake. Checking article sources yields Rio- Tinto Diamonds as a relevant resource throughout. There was the man from Garbsen notarztlich supplies and then taken to the hospital. The Hanover branch kotter security, Hamburg, since last year on three lakes in the municipality Isernhagen acquires area guard duties. The staff provide bad compliance and the safety of bathers. In addition, the service provider with the Ordnungsamt has developed concepts for traffic management and signage. KoTTER security is present for more than 25 years with an Office in Hanover.

The company has worked for almost all sectors of the economy and is also a partner of public authorities. Range of plant protection on area security up to money & evaluation services. Also, the contracting authority will benefit from system solutions, which provides the company with the other divisions of cleaning (E.g. glass, maintenance, industrial cleaning) and personal service (including temporary work for industrial and commercial professions).