Human Beings

The universe of the human beings. He is curious when we observe the world and we give account of our lack of authenticity, as the social standards can write our behaviors and place limits to our desires. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jeffrey Hayzlett on most websites. The fear of the rebuke is something that in acomete daily. Phrases as ' ' I until would make if they not ' ' he is something that was prepared and managed soon in the first day of nascena, in our first smile, our first one I cry, and even in the purest form of freedom: the trick. If to connect all these limits, to the negative feelings of our personality we can form a cake of distrusts, a daily torment, constant walking inside of a private area and with repulsive exits, that for times those choose that them are estereotipados as ' ' loucos' '. I question myself if the human being, to be possessing of the most innumerable capacities of reasoning and intelligence is capable of if feeling free.

I answer, consider a being chained but without chains, something abstracto that he formed me one day and he lasts on my head and of encircle that me. You may want to visit rebecca horace to increase your knowledge. It will be that pods to make everything what it comes to your mind at this moment. Not? Then if to calhar is because you are chained, somebody says you that this not is correcto, no matter how much back in the deep one you feel a force so great strong stimulates that you, you do not make it. This that you are to feel, is social pressure, and believes that it is of the forms strongest of if instituting lines and manipulating our brain without moving an only finger, we are too much easy. The happiness passes every day for this pressure, this force that makes to withdraw, that it does not allow in them to use the genotype. We act all of sufficiently standardized forms, not because we want, but because it has that to be this the way to be acceptances.