Glasses Care: How Do I Maintain My Glasses Best?

Tips on glasses maintenance and cleaning your glasses should eyeglass frames and eyeglass frames, if possible, cleaned once per month and maintained. Not only in the summer, the glasses of sand and sweat is exposed. Even in winter, much dirt on the glasses sets off such as urban dust and environmental influences. It is therefore very important to maintain his glasses and pay attention to cleanliness. Here are a few tips on how you can maintain his frames plus glass in five minutes.

Glasses are sensitive, so it is generally not a good idea to use normal paper towels. These can leave small scratches on the upper class and the dirt is usually only distributed and not removed. Glasses cleaning cloth are better suited. These were designed special glasses without leaving scratches. You get mostly free with a lens cloth when buying glasses. Also special sprays that you can buy in optics, or even just water, detergent and a clean dish towel. Here a small Tip: You can leave in the nearest optician and there professionally to clean your glasses. It is also important to keep clean the frames that can carry through the daily sweat and residue on the glasses hanging makeup remain.

With regular care, protect your glasses and extend their lives. There are also special sprays with double effect. Firstly a protective film over the version sets so that the frame remains longer clean and on the other hand, the framework won’t scratch. You can use but also just plain lukewarm water with some washing-up liquid. It is important to wipe off the inside of the bridge with a damp cloth so that no bacteria can form. If you have five minutes to spare, you can invest it in your glasses. It will save you money, time and there is nothing like a nice, clean glasses. Henrietta Harry