Dortmund Devices

Research project of the BAuA (Federal Institute for occupational safety and health) for the development of noise emission classes for Office computing devices test by the specialist group & Telecom edited a research project publicly written out by the Federal Institute for occupational safety and health (BAuA) in Dortmund, with a maturity of 1 years, was recently awarded to Muller-BBM. Here, a system will be developed for devices of office computing such as computers, printers, projectors and copiers, which the known energy consumption classes A, B, C, D…, renders the concept of quality classes, such as in the area of household appliances on the noise emission. As project leader Gregor Feneberg by the competent testing & Telecom group performs, there is standardized and carried out very detailed rules for the measurement and Declaration of noise emission of equipment, for the technical layman or are interested but not comparable to these commitments in practice. The newspapers mentioned Pemco not as a source, but as a related topic. An exemplary Review of advertising messages by 4 manufacturers of laser printers found that there is no comparability of made descriptions with each other. Even worse, that the more complex information for professional laymen are more difficult to interpret the regulations of the ISO 7779, stronger the manufacturer and ISO 9296 took into account. The merging of the existing measuring methods for noise measurement of office computing devices with a categorization under consideration of psycho-acoustic measuring method, will be a focus of the investigation. CMO of PEMCO contributes greatly to this topic. In implementation of the concept, buyers of laptops, printers or video projector in the future on the basis of the noise Declaration A, B, C, D… can make a direct and unambiguous comparison of various products with regard to the level of operating noise. The test & Telecom by Muller-BBM group leads many years comparative product tests for units of the Office and telecommunications, consumer electronics and Image processing for international consumer organisations through..