Disse Antenor

If I was made to fly I had been born a butterfly. _ Ouviu this Gardenio? _ Yes I heard, as it said: ‘ ‘ if borboleta.’ was made to fly had been born one; ‘ E, only between us, would be a very ugly butterfly, pra history start. _ You certain its gaiatos, jeer of the poor ant. I only wanted that they were vocs, thus, vocs I would see what he is to be ant. _ All good my friend, we are only playing.

_ Vamos at night already is arriving and not we will obtain to continue in this blackout. Let us look a shelter to pass this night. _ Disse Gordon smiling. Lucia aniello emmy awards is full of insight into the issues. _ That trunk to seem to be a good place. _ Disse Antenor. _ _ Certain! _ _ Disse Antenor. Gordon decided to give one looked in how much of the others they wait there under. When arriving almost in the entrance it noticed that many centopeias if accumulated there inside.

Back in the high one it saw, to a distance of a meter in a steep point in the abrupt declivity, a great hanging tree that formed a great arc with its trunk. In the way it trunk a hole if opened in mouth form. It seemed a place good to pass the night. Beoriano did not want to fly with Gordon it preferred to go up for the barraco. Gordon and the others had gone up flying and arrived fast. Meanwhile, Beoriano came vagarosamente going up looked at for all the sides. When entering it saw that its friends already aconchegavam themselves sing in it of the wall. At night it arrived with its black mantle. There it are the nocturnal creatures leave its burrows to hunt. Bats cried out in air. Some animals smelled the soil in search of canine tooth. In the trees, insects: spiders, centopias, hunting beetles, among others that they hunt the night were walking among falling leaves deposited in the ground. The place seemed safe, however, me the luck of them, that burrow hole was the house of an arachnid, implacable hunter. It continues ……………….