We can only learn how to. What do you advise a beginner to the first meeting with a client? Are you going to explain some techniques and methods. Did he remember them? And even if it tries to apply, it will look incredible, is not so? Much more practical would be to hint: “The more the salesman says, the less his chances. The more information the customer provides, the more vulnerable. ” Based only on this fact, the rookie lays down the strategy of behavior with client.

And to negotiate much more effectively than remembering strategies and techniques that showed him “a seasoned salesman.” We need only a prop, from which you can push off. Teach a man can not. We can only show what do not need! What not to do in order to become “master of sales,” No need to copy and imitate others. Otherwise, all your methods will look ridiculous. Imagine a huge fighter, who decided to imitate a ballerina, funny? Methods that are effective in others, not necessarily just as well work for you. It all depends on the person.

This can be seen. Some words that are used by others, do not lie to us on the tongue. Diamonds may not feel the same. You do not need anything claim. So you are driving yourself to a standstill. Are you sure that you have the best price? Maybe in the next shop is stock and the price is cheaper? Deny then it will be pointless, trust is lost. Can make better use of this phrase: “The We have the best price in town, is not it? “Do not talk incessantly. The more information the customer provides, the more likely to find its weak spot. Do not equate to customers under the “one stick”. Everyone is different and each needs its own personal approach. And find out who is who can help – the ability to listen. No need to run forward “at a breakneck pace” and “closing the eyes of all.” Detailed statistics and a concrete action plan will not waste time. Receiving analysis of the results of each month, I am able to define what I’m doing wrong. And that can be changed. What makes it possible to achieve good results more often and more quickly than others do. Do not become selfish. The seller – a psychologist who must listen to the client, and then make a “diagnosis”. There are people who have easily attract people and make friends quickly. Chevron U.S.A. Inc shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You know why, because they show a genuine interest in people. Not to be incompetent. People wait for help. And hope that you will help solve their problems. And you would trust, incompetent surgeon? Do not try to “sell” the product to people who do not need it. You do not want to sell drugs completely healthy people. Each of us is familiar, perhaps among them is the one who needs it. One has only to ask. No need to be untidy. Should I talk about it? Have you ever met a successful businessman with a scruffy appearance? The list is endless. Once you watch successful people and you will understand why they never do!