Dangerous Precedent Law

a Jump in the Dark one, postado in this space), and not yet obtained to enxergar arguments capable to persuade me it another agreement. Before everything, it deeply worries me the insidiosa campaign, obtusa and impatritica of vindication to the opened descumprimento of the law of narcotics, sponsored for some small farms of the Internet. It is chain that the new law antidrugs did not despenalizou and nor descriminalizou the use and transport of small amounts of narcotic. But data to the delinquent, photographed softened the legal treatment in this circumstance. Of equal luck, it kept the same punitive lapsings for the illegal plantation for consumption. That is: to carry use and to cultivate drug, it are of the lapsings in vigor, remain recorded as unlawful behaviors and criminally restrained. Who thus acts, places it the edge of the law, becomes delinquent (for some this word is more> that herald of the security of the society wants itself luck? In this point she is necessary to remember to them that the drug is illegal for being harmful and not harmful for being illegal. On the other hand, the prohibited insensata of the theory of the absolute individuality, in this in case that, it discloses to extremity cultural and sociological unpreparedness of its adepts and proclamers. I repeat: what it keeps the society functioning is the collective observance to the laws, the moral and the good customs, created for proper it and sedimented throughout the time for its people. The deliberated destruction of these values desnatura and incapacitates the social pact of pacific convivncia and provokes convulsions, whose extension and ominous potentiality are of difficult mensurao and previsibility. Finishing, the depositions printed in the text of the substance in guideline – it stews it to all of supposed uncosteded defense of not the curse of marijuana -, only prove, irrevocablely, the assertive one of that the exceptions confirm the rule.