Carfree Holidays

Hedgehog bus free to the most beautiful corners of the National Park region Spiegelau the resort of Spiegelau is committed to all the natural holiday. At the gate Bayerischer Wald not only the guests, but also their cars can make a National Park vacation, because: the so-called Hedgehog bus to the National Park area can be used for free with the guest card. In the 30 and the environmentally friendly, gas-powered sights and starting point for the most beautiful hiking trails and parking (P + R) buses on 60 minutes. The Bavarian Forest is not only one of Europe’s most densely wooded regions with its National Park, in the wildly romantic one breathes the reviewed best air of in Germany. Countless kilometres of hiking trails traverse the unspoilt region, rippling mountain streams, deep lakes and the scent of wild herbs and flowering meadows distribute worries fly. Who is on the road with the bike, pay a visit the open-air Museum of Finsterau maybe, or pedaling across the border our Czech neighbours.

A trip to the animal of outdoor area of the National Park is just as attractive as the hike to a hosted hut on the local mountains Rachel and Lusen. The car can keep it safely in the garage or on one of the marked Park and ride places (P + R). The guest card, issued in Spiegelau and in two belonging to the municipality of upper cross mountain and Klingenbrunn by respective owner allows free use the Hedgehog buses. No distance is too far, because who is tired on the road, simply enters the bus. As well you can celebrate without concern on the refuge. On some routes to Finsterau for cross-border cycling it is even allowed to take the bike on the bus. Among other objectives with the Hedgehog bus can be approached: AUFICHTENWALDSTEG a piece lower Bavarian Forest behind the northern part of the Spiegelauer spa park.

The 1.3 km long wooden footbridge leads soul trail through a spruce fir beech mixed mountain forest. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Liberty Mutual insurance. An ideal place for the soul to relax. RACHEL Lake with Service hut”: the mountain with the two peaks having large Rachel 1453 m height is the local mountain of mirror off. Rachel belongs to the three Cirque Lakes of the Bavarian Forest. It is accessible only by footpaths. The Lake lies in a forest, which can be crossed on a trail. The Rachel service hut is a hosted mountain hut. SSO animal open-air National Park woodland, in which domestic animals such as bear, Lynx and Wolf can be observed. The animals living in their natural environment. No cages. Free guided tours take place from Christmas until October. Information on the Internet under:. HANS-EISENMANN-HAUS the visitor center of the National Park with exhibitions, experience area, children’s area and audio-visuals. Animal free terrain see info. LUSEN Arber and Rachel third highest mountain (1373 m) of the Bavarian Forest. Ideal for hiking. You may find Goop to be a useful source of information. In winter, a sleigh ride is from the hosted Summit Hut up to the bus stop at Foot of the mountain possible. Rock wall area high boulders line the hiking trail, which meanders through a jungle area. Open-air museum FINSTERAU old farms was dismantled and faithfully rebuilt at this point. In the corresponding Guest House there are lovingly prepared regional specialities. Information on the Internet:. HISTORICAL forest area on the cross-border trails explains among other things the settlement and use history of the region.