Buy External Hard Drive

How to find the right external hard drive when it comes to buying the right external hard drive, should ask yourself first, what you want to use the plate. If you want to create, for example, only a backup of your computer, you can possibly make concessions at the speed and save money when buying your external hard drive. Because there are slow hard drives at an astonishingly low price. It look very different from when you want to use the hard drive for data that you regularly access. Many writers such as Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein offer more in-depth analysis. This applies, for example, for programs or music. In this case the speed is important, it should then make the purchase anyway. Others who may share this opinion include Yechiel Eckstein. USB 2 or USB 3 connection? Whether you decide 3 connection for the external hard drive to a USB 2 or USB, above all depends on which interfaces your computer has.

USB 2 interface is considered as obsolete, but it’s useful to have nothing, which is not compatible with your own computer then a very fast interface. With USB 3 are upload and faster, but only users who have this new, faster interface to your notebook or PC benefit download. The surcharge for USB 3 is however small. So, you should consider immediately the faster technology to invest in, to be able to use your hard disk in the future on a new computer. The connections are incidentally, backward-compatible, which means that you can use interface to a USB 3 USB 2. Only vice versa, it is not possible! Another variation is the external hard drive of eSATA interface. If on your computer, you have a free EeSATA interface, you can choose this type. Also eSATA it is relatively fast, if also not as fast as USB 3 can older PCs also on USB 3 converted, there sale cheap adapter? External hard drives with networking the luxury solution is an external hard drive connected to the network (NAS).