Brother Zarur

However, this award is for those taking commitment with the Ecumenical Christ, because he signed an invisible with the divine master, meets him honour until the end. And thus it deserves Its Agrement, or to rest within it, even for a short period, aware that the glory of the worker is effectively practice his service, now and always. An incentive to the perseverance during a talk I did on October 15, 2003, in the city of Rio de Janeiro/RJ, the illustrious doctor of the poor * 7 gave us an extraordinary example of the posture of the followers of the way, to overcome the weather from the start of the day to fertilize in the doctrine redemptive the Christ Ecumenical hearts. I bring it to your knowledge as an incentive to the perseverance and to the union as the ideal of the good will of God, seen that, as I usually say, in every difficulty that arises, there is the desire to overcome it.Says Dr. Bezerra de Menezes: Jesus’s apostles won because, even in times when everything seemed lost, it existed in the team enthusiasm, always motivating, and balanced, unshakable faith of San Pedro Apostol.

In its interior, Peter knew that the things would be difficult. Yet, with its hierarchical perception, anticipated victory, amid the difficulty, in a storm, the wounds that would be exposed corresponded to the challenges that also would be defeated. Teaches the path of the well one of the most rewarding tasks of the operator from the divine is Mies the Wolf the Wolf teach the right way, from the realization that will bring happiness to himself. Brother Zarur, with beautiful tone of poetry, argued that God created the human being that you can only be happy practicing good. That makes me remember the wise words of the Prophet Muhammad (570-632) peace and the blessing of God be upon him, scored in the Quran, 41: 46: who practice good, makes it to their advantage; on the other hand, who makes evil, prejudice is yours, because your Lord is not unjust to his servants.