This describes the author's many years of work not only as a thoughtful and subtle architect – artist, but as a successful team leader. These projects have brought V. Pitaninu fame came in the monograph and guidebooks. 90-s V. Pitanin faithful to the architecture in the industry. Electron research helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Large construction projects, facilities construction companies in St. Petersburg – is a kind of spiral of industrial architecture with its own specific shaped decisions and planning proposals.

Premises repairs and building trust on the streets of the Renaissance and Polyustrovsky Prospect – the original complexes with an unusual silhouette. It traced the desire of the architect not only to the functional feasibility, but also to the plasticity of forms. B. Pitanin enjoys painting and sculpture, and these in-depth knowledge and professional skills together with extensive experience brought a new trend in architecture. The phenomena of urban scale steel panels of the mosaic decorating the brick facade of the plant in town Kolpino, gives the building a bright image, and also figure in the workers Parnasskii complex – sculpture, located at the entrance Pargolovskogo SSC.

A separate page work – it memorials in different cities of the country where the brightness of the extraordinary talent emerged V. Pitanina – painter, sculptor and graphic. B. Pitanin designing in the city on the Neva River, was thoroughly studied the documents, in order to associate your creative experience with the historical process. This allows us to build buildings of the elite commercial real estate, not just having a bright personality and unique architectural solutions, but also fitting into the historical appearance of St.