Alexander Horn Mendelssohn

Innovative platform combines product advice, price comparison, and more Kothen in Magdeburg, November 2009. Why am I still forced to take hours research on countless pages of manufacturers and buyers forums on me and make price comparisons or satisfied me with half-hearted compromises at over-priced prices as buying interested customer? This question brought Alexander Horn and his team end of 2006 on the idea for a special Internet platform, which started its work on Nov 1, 2009 see. The aim of the founder team was people in the development of a single central platform, supports to be able to buy goods and services of any kind at a price even given by them and on their own terms. This Kicu24 offers users the advice on the individual product as well as compare prices and locate a suitable vendor support. With the Kicu24 product consultant interested customers are within a few minutes an overview about get which product best meets your special requirements.

To pursue the central guiding principle of simplicity, Kicu24 sets in contrast to most existing product Advisor solutions on the Internet continuously on a generally understandable everyday language, which for the customers learning technical and other terms is completely eliminated. Furthermore, anyone who already knows what he wishes, can set a corresponding request including the price he is willing to pay up to Kicu24 and come to an interested seller to. Kicu24 is free totally it the seeker, all conditions concerning shipping, to decide payment, price and product characteristics, even. Both the registration and the setting of the application, informative use of the product Advisor and many more services are completely free of charge. A small fee applies only for the purchase of contact data to an application. Interested seller find in Kicu24 due to the high quality and the definite willingness to purchase the customer contacts, however, a very interesting price/performance ratio. operates as a sole proprietorship in the field of Internet trading platforms and was founded in 2009 by Alexander Horn, owner of the company. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, such as product advice, compare prices, and also the provision of trading partners through an applications platform. The registration and the set of applications and informative use of the product advice are free of charge. Due to the high quality of the mediation of customer contacts private and commercial sellers, Kicu24 offers an excellent value for money.