Ade Hotel, Hello Private Accommodation!

Mediation platforms revolutionize the travel market on the Internet. Why like more and more travelers to stay private? gloveler knows the answers of Karlsruhe, 12 August 2013. “Thomas j. from Karlsruhe was loyal guests booked, however, since he his first overnight stay in a private accommodation through the Internet platform gloveler has, for it is clear: I book my accommodation through residential brokerage portals.” A booming growth market more and more people like to stay in private homes instead of hotels. The young mediation platforms in the Internet to grow however rapidly and guests can choose now worldwide from hundreds of thousands of people – from the couch to the Villa, from the trailer to the House boat. Precise figures do not exist, because only establishments is statistically collected from 9 beds. Estimates range from one-fifth of all nights (German hotel and Restaurant Association DEHOGA) up to a third (industry reports).

The private market is estimated worldwide on 100 billion euros. But why like to stay private more and more travellers? “The premium B2b platform founded in 2009, gloveler is the oldest” service providers on the German market. gloveler Managing Director Armin Harbrecht observed the development from the outset and knows the reasons for the trend: private accommodations are usually cheaper than comparable hotels, especially for longer stays. Because and travelers are increasingly price-sensitive, they stay less often in the hotel.” But the social component is at least as important: the people yearn for more individuality and social contact. Hotels can not meet this need”, so Harbrecht. The guest is not just one of many, but is with his wishes in the focus of the lessor. And especially leisure travellers who are looking for trendy clubs, shopping tips and sites outside of the mainstream benefit from the insider knowledge of the landlord.” Unbureaucratic help for all kinds of problems makes it Additionally attractive private accommodation.

No matter whether you has forgotten his own hair dryer or needs some more salt to the boil. At the same time the guest in a private home is much freer than in a hotel can be at home “feel and also behave. Sharing economy often as motor formed friendships that last long nights in private accommodation.The highlight of the thing: by the positive experiences many guests will even to the landlord, and vice versa. So the idea even without advertising spreads quickly and the range of accommodation options is increasing rapidly. Like to stay private is thus clearly sharing culture and Kokonsum, where goods and services are shared or exchanged. So, people of resources that they could never have out of the limited own (financial) resources can participate. Other examples are self-employed CarSharing, Foodsharing or community offices. In addition to community-oriented travelers stay always more often privately but also classical cities – and leisure travelers, business travelers, and fitters. Just business travelers want to stay after a tiring day of work not in a hotel room, which looks the same in every city, and enjoy a glass of wine instead with other guests or the landlords. Overnight stays in private accommodation brings people closer together which is the secret of success of mediation platforms!