The Dark

Down to the sea and enjoy form, salt from your routine to notice those twinges you receive from the sea, to notice that you are still alive and that your gift baptizes in the love of the waters of GAIA, crying the loss of one who decides to stay and do not evolve, in their freedom that your tears to unite and purify the sea to leave your brother constancy you want him and that there are thesebecause when purify you the sea something yours will get and consciousness will be more and more to the prepared opening. Sonad with life, but do not miss in dreams and you sleep spellbound in its beauty, be real and enjoy with what has been achieved. Sonad and create a new world, because God is on Earth and you help him, it works through you if you leave him. Sonad one day, where power and strength is love and no more work that love. If you are not convinced, visit Chevron U.S.A.. Sonad and cread! Brothers I am proud of your thinking, sonad and laugh at life and enjoy it because that is the best way to fight against the dark, not light. Sonad and heart light illuminated and flood the cave that your surroundings to find out that more near what you think love is. Look at the Sun and leave you hot, you fill energy, application of the seas and Baileys your sentences will be cleaned just like your ego. Application the presence of the spirit and let you enter, as blessed are and worthy to enter. Your looks become pure and let see your soul, so they recognise that you are sons of the light and it resenais you your spirits become more graceful and glorious combat. The matter is removed, keep! It is only the end of his time, it is the beginning of new life, of a radiant Sun that viva and Queen forever never.