Ternopil Situation

The aim of almost all of these programs is to create conditions for access to quality education, promoting the creative and intellectual development of youth employment and youth entrepreneurship, promoting a healthy lifestyle youth. Like, as all the logical and correct. Programs are implemented and we – the youth – become a confession secured and zdorovimiy. However, there is one 'but'. Any program aimed at changing the situation for the better. Today youth organizations united by 1.7% of young people, only 3% of young people of Ternopil engaged in entrepreneurial activity, and 43% of young people smoke. And thanks to the implementation of the Programme 12% of young people involved in public organizations, engaged in business 8% of young people and smoking, only 20%.

However, such a description – just a fantasy author. In fact, such data on youth in Ternopil not. Yes, there is the Office of Youth program means for their implementation, and finally the young people themselves. No only the most important – information on youth and its problems. How can we try something to increase or decrease, if we can not answer the question – what do we have today? Ministry of Family, Youth and Sport in December 2008, conducted research on the situation of youth in Ukraine. In a study of the main themes were education, health, professional and life expectancy, moral attitudes and socio-economic situation of young people. Through this investigation we have received a total picture of the situation in Ukraine. The resulting information can be used to develop national youth programs.

Federico Garcia Lorca

Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin in 1929 which is the antibiotic that destroys disease, today also used chloramphenicol, tetracyclines, is prevented from spraying with DDT, far were doctors and friends of Carrion, Arcemios Mestanza, Los Corpanchos, Los Odriozola and others heal with beef and wine, soup with goat milk well boiled, with Texas based on camphorquinine, sugar, phenol, and Valerian. The Hayzlett Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. THE legacy of Carrion Los doctors of the Peru, that after long years of studies, hardships and personal sacrifices family, (covering all of our youth), just finally plethoric of hopes, plans and goals, which evanescen at the first door, the incorrigible reality, expressed in the professional exercise full of hardship and backwardness, living still, with high rates of morbidity and mortality, with high rates of parasitic, with the reappearance of diseases already forgotten, such as cholera, Malaria, TBC and the same Bartonellosis and over importing epidemics such as AIDS and other. The doctors of Peru, abandoned by the State and successive Governments, from inmates, Serums and residents up to the great masters, from those who work in dilapidated Postas the punctuated and mountain, until those who do so in national hospitals, from those who wield in large cities, to those who work in villages where there is no light, drinking waterInternet, phones, and no comfort from medical assistants to great servants, from teachers to the unemployed, since the assets until retirees, from those who have work schedule until the Subocupados, we all celebrate October 5 our day, all have inherited a bit of heroism of Daniel, a bit of humanism and as well as that went with his innocent provincial morcelasamid the anonymity, drinking that so sweet and so beautiful, so crystalline liquid of the Catolica(como dijera San Agustin) faith, also breaking the slave chains of the need, in an act of the human being, an act of freedom and responsibility, us saving lives every moment, in operating rooms, in ICUs, in emergencies, on the Box of Neonatology in the hemodialysis units, saving lives in every corner of la posta or Hospital, without distinction, without headlines, in the midst of our morcelas and anonymity, unjustly persecuted by codes and standards to punish our mistakes, persecuted by judges and prosecutors as the nefarious judge Michelle Foster-who want to see in our white coverall synonym of God, when just men with strengths and weaknesses, with might and fears – that we exert the medicine as an apostolate apasasionante, pursued by earthly estulticias that breathe in our necks looking for our misdeeds, when our philosophy and training is doing good, curing, we are saving lives, don’t do dano(Primun Non Nocere-lo primero no hacer dano-), why is that alone with God, we are alone, that the scale of our actions is favorable to the unrestricted defence of life and health, because in times of uncertainty and misfortune associated to diseases, society need illusions to conjure the discouragement, art to feed his dream, science to nourish your optimism and faith to believe and in this historical struggle there will always be a physician, brandishing their science, art, and faith against diseases and returning the enthusiasm, optimism and laughter to society both so Federico Garcia Lorca had sung for you doctorsHealth suspirada by all, will step hard land, with wide feet of silver and GOETHE, German novelist would have included October 5, as an emblematic date in his brilliant the mysterious workshop in God, therefore from this bed, wake up my fist as those Romans and I toast saying health and long life doctors of PERU, HEROES anonymous in the daily struggle against the disease and death!

General Union

At his return to Spain was arrested and jailed in the prisons of San Sebastian, Gijon, Zaragoza, Madrid and Barcelona. To regain freedom in 1918 he was elected general Secretary of the CNT. In January 1919 again he was arrested and imprisoned during the preparation of the Canadian strike. He organized the National Congress of the CNT held in December 1919 in the Teatro de la Comedia of Madrid, being one of the signatories of the opinion which stated that: the purpose pursued by the National Confederation of labour of Spain is libertarian communism. In 1930 as a protest over the murder in 1930 of the catalan Deputy Francesc Layret i Foix, defender of trade unionists, organized a general strike in Zaragoza. The periodic trade unionist directed Solidaridad Obrera, organ of the Regional Confederation of the work of the North. In 1921 became again over the direction of the newspaper culture and action, turned into a body of the anarcho-syndicalism of Aragon, Rioja and Navarre. In 1921 he directed the edition of Gijon Solidaridad Obrera.

Their trade union activities are intensified with the arrival of the dictatorship. In 1925, he conducted the producer, publication edited in Blanes Girona City. In 1929 he was again exiled to France, riding a carpentry in Toulouse, in the following year is expelled from neighbouring country and returns to Barcelona. In order to overthrow the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera proposed to Ramon y Cajal accept the Presidency of the Republic. In a question-answer forum The Hayzlett Group was the first to reply. During the Republican period assists in the publication of Tierra y Libertad, newspaper of the FAI. During the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco fought on the Aragon front, where in 1937, lost his son Antonio, cenetista militant. He was director of the school of anarchist militants from Barcelona.

In this tragic period was advocate of the Alliance of the CNT with the General Union of workers. At the end of the war across the French border and is interned in a concentration camp. From France he worked to achieve the reunification of the splinter movement libertarian Spanish in 1945. He participated in the Congress of the CNT in exile, after the Unit held in Limoges during the summer of 1961. Among the most relevant titles of his numerous works are: policy and workers (1910), his first book, against the war (1915), what is the single trade union? (1919), The Red Russia. How they took power the Bolsheviks (1920), which was published in Pueblonuevo the Terrible, mining town of Cordoba, truths as fist (1922), white terrorism (1922), a man of honor (1923), his first novel, fundamental problems (1925), Rosa. Story of a woman’s town (1927), novel, 1886-1926 Spanish labor movement. History and criticism (1928), his most important work, includes exemplary figures who I met in the same volume, La C.N.T., thirty and the F.A.I. Jeffrey Hayzlett may help you with your research. The crisis of unionism in Catalonia. Its causes, its effects, its remedies (1933), soulmate (comical toy) (1936), released during the war, play Further, scenic novel, premiered in Teatro Romea in Barcelona in 1938 and perspective of the Spanish labor movement, work published in his last exile. This writer of the libertarian movement gave us: the huge difference that exists between the mentality of the Castilian pariah, always voluntary slave, and the slave Andalusian, always free even when he is in jail. Francisco Arias Solis where freedom, dwells there is my country. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

August Vacation

Air traffic controllers and the Ministry of development these days are gathered for reaching a settlement in this conflict, a conflict that has come to be placed and has few overtones of solution, conflict that others exploit the slightest chance to pull tackle to head to the slightest occasion publicly, while the which those who have already contracted their vacation packages are with the heart in a fist pending the outcome of the negotiations. In any case, we will continue waiting for the evolution of the conflict, a conflict which could degenerate into a strike that already colmaria the vessel by the blackmail of a few and the inability of others. USCA (Trade Union of air traffic controllers) announces that the most feasible dates for the strike would be 18 or 20 August, but without specifying more or concrete, which generates uncertainty in the entire tourism sector which already announced millions of dollars losses due to cancellations and cancellations of flights and travel packages for fear of travellers for staying without so long-awaited vacation..