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consense-journalist survey: only young journalist take a summer slump Munich the silly season is part of the summer and the Sun. Or has it also changed in the course of changing media use? To find out, consense communications (GPRA) has carried out a survey among journalists from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. It should be found out, what’s silly season in the myth. And if PR people can benefit, because journalists are particularly grateful for good suggestions at this time? The result: The silly season is more myth than reality. What particularly surprised at the result of nearly 60 participating journalists: depends on the perception of a doldrums of the age. There is disagreement within the ranks of the journalist. 47.4% answer on the question of whether there would be a summer slump in their work with Yes 1, 52.6% no 2. Amazing: The answers not depend on whether the respondents subject or audience media work, write for what Department or whether permanent or free journalists are.

Only age has influence on the answers (see chart). The journalists are younger, the more they feel the summer slump. Lacking the more experienced journalists, however, not on issues during the summer. Their secret: To prevent this time, for example, with premature topic management. What do the survey results for the work of departments of communication and PR agencies? It is not worth, in summer more journalists to respond. Good stories are the be-all and end-all of a successful PR work. This increases the chance that the topics are picked up by journalists in the spring, autumn and winter.

Which are either suggestions usable or not. The criteria but not only these are, the season,”a participant summarizes. “” “1 of 27.1% Yes, and that will be in the future to feel” and 20.3% Yes, but the times are changing “2 of which 33.9% no, no longer” and 18.6% with No, that there never were”gmbh communications about the consense communications gmbh (GPRA) consense is an owner-managed Agency for PR and marketing communications with headquarters in Munich and deals with the reputation of businesses and products. Over 20 staff advise renowned customers from different sectors: the media companies Sony as among the customers of the agency such as the multi partner bonus program DeutschlandCard or alphabet, the fleet subsidiary of BMW. “In terms of customer satisfaction, consense communications one of the leading agencies in Germany is: since 2009, she wears an excellent seal” recommendation Portal consense is a member of the initiative fair company”and is the most popular employers among all German agencies according to the employer assessment Portal Kununu. 2012, the Agency received the trainee seal of the Absolventa job board for your fair and supportive career trainee program. Contact: consense communications GmbH (GPRA) dawn Rischpler Nymphenburger str. 86 80636 Munich Phone: + 49.89.23 00 26-25 e-mail: web: blog: facebook: consense.communications

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You decide the appropriate design E-commerce consultant it offers E-commerce is always important in Germany. In the 2011 calendar year, sales rose to EUR 26.1 billion. On this occasion, E-commerce is now a very comfortable area for each company. To succeed in the long term, it is essential also to be one step ahead in this section of the competition. Current statistics indicate that E-Commerce increasingly supersedes the stationary business. Customers expect now no longer just the option to inform the network of the company. Rather, you want to buy the products and services directly. Professionally to provide field of E-Commerce, E-commerce include guide indispensable.

the right strategy of E-Commerce provide-Commerce Advisor consultants assist in the selection and conception of the appropriate shop system and examine how the shop system can be connected to your existing ERP system. Furthermore she accompanied consultant in establishing the right of the E-Commerce and Role management, so that the shop system can be easily integrated in their daily work. An additional task field of an E-commerce is the online marketing Advisor. Starting the business objectives here appropriate online marketing strategies are set. Here, the social media sphere, which for example facebook, XING and Twitter, is always crucial.

Just who is also here represented, attracts large audiences. In addition, also a newsletter can be a sustainable online marketing tool. Another important area for the Trafficbuilding is the affiliate marketing. E-Commerce Advisor accompanied her here with reasonable planning and orientation of the strategy to their business goals. The matching design decides E-commerce design consultant offers it if the buyer reaches your homepage, plays the most important role. It should be attractive enough to keep a customer over the long term. The key benefits can be a personalized address of the visitor. An E-commerce consultant analyzed their situation first. Starting from their existing website and your existing shop system, advises this and makes specific proposals for improvements in the field of design and user friendliness. Because only if a shop system is also easy to use, it will motivate users to purchase. In the E-Commerce respects consultant on the fact that the design is compatible with their corporate objectives and accompanied the strategy defined in advance. So they are the decisive step ahead in the future of their competition, they must secure the support of an E-Commerce Advisor. An E-Commerce Advisor sets concrete targets together with them, and converts them specifically. Thus, to save time and ensure a professional appearance of your company on the net. Matthias Uhlig

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officials, Judges, soldiers 4. application submission must be submitted within the first three months of self-employment at the competent employment agency (Employment Office),. A later submission is no longer possible. As proof of is to present a business registration or a certificate of the tax consultant from the full-time self-employment is seen. If the application was made and all other eligibility requirements are met, it starts coverage with the day on which the requirements for the insurance contract are met. 5.

Termination of insurance since early 2011 may be terminated after five years with a three-month period the voluntary unemployment insurance. The insurance is terminated prematurely by the employment agency as soon as the insurance premiums are no longer paid. Here this step should be considered but well, what is worth the trouble which remains years if necessary. 6 Occurrence of the insured event is the amount of the claim for unemployment benefits not according to the amount of the unemployment benefit granted in the oocyte but on a fictitious indicated pay. This reference is the individually and as depending on the qualification of the applicant and the type Employment, on which the employment agency then establishes mediation efforts.

The unemployment benefit from the voluntary insurance of work depending on qualification and region (East or West) between 636,90 and 1.322,70. The duration of the payment of the unemployment insurance is dependent on the extent of the periods of insurance completed in the last five years prior to the introduction of unemployment and by the age. Unemployment is in this case, as well as otherwise also to finish as quickly as possible. The efforts must be verifiably substantiated. Formerly self-employed must be as well prepared to take up paid employment. It is not easy to decide whether the insurance now or not be applied for. “Our Tip: consult not only with the work agency with you but also with a neutral founder coach, together the question what evidence – what about it” individually weigh for you.

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In addition, you will be made familiar with the Arabic characters and learn first words, simple sentences and phrases in Arabic. The coach, Samir L. Iranee, is expert in the topic of intercultural competence Gulf region including language training. He offered since 1994 learn his customers in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) a professional service for Arabic (high -, media – and business Arabic, as well as various dialects). He offers an intensive intercultural coaching or longer-term training measures for individuals and group training in Germany as well as locally on the Arabian Gulf interested companies and organisations if necessary also. Press contact Samir L. Iranee, Dipl.-BW / MBA of Rodelheimer Highway 75-85, D-60487 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069-9552 0229 fax: 069-9552-0239 E-mail: Internet: Iranee SprachTraining & intercultural coaching offers nationwide and abroad for all levels, Arabia customer language (E.g. daily -, media -, high – and economic Arabic) (Arabia: land and people.) Advice on culture, politics and Economics) and intercultural training Arabia (including overseas preparation Morocco to UAE, teambuilding, customer management, negotiations, trade fairs) & IslamCoaching (Islam-training for Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, East Africa, Pakistan, Turkey, Central Asia) at.

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