Seville Presents

Travelers with an interest in Greek Mythology may who wish to stop by the Archaeological Museum of Seville to see the gold of the Argonauts. This collection of artifacts has been provided by the National Museum of Georgia and will be open to the public until June 20. It has been organized by the institution that has temporarily ceded the materials, the National Museum of Georgia, together with the Fundacion Dukes of Soria and helps to better understand to Jason and the Argonauts by a trip to the past available for those who are housed in a hotel in Seville both residents of Seville. Items described were found in an area called Vani, or Colchis, which is how the ancient Greeks knew it and is the place where supposedly Jason went to search for the Golden Fleece, according to what we explain the organizers of the event. UISOL is open to suggestions. Many of the pieces are very recent and unpublished findings, the majority of gold, but also others in bronze or silver.

You can see together treasures of Tartessos and Colchis, and show linkages protohistoric of both ends, East and West, of the world known to the Greeks, according to the official website of the Archaeological Museum of Seville. Among the items to be exhibited we can see a gold ring with a taxed in the stamp. It is the opening hours is from 9 to 20: 30 h from Tuesday to Saturday and from 9 to 14: 30 on Sundays and holidays. L to entrance to the art zone is located in the Plaza America. Access to the Museum is free of charge for the citizens of the European Community which so accredit it, for not sufficiently you will be charged 1.50. For more information see the official website of the Museum or call the (34) 954 78 64 74. To get the maximum out of the gold of the Argonauts, book now your hotel in Seville and take advantage of this opportunity that so few times visit our country.

Tarot Gitano

reading of the letters while at the reading of the letters go out revealed the ACE of gold coins generally is very good news, especially if Chuck seeks to put light on the employment, financial situation, or the progress of new projects. The ACE of gold coins guarantees us that we have the material basis for any type of projects in the real world. It is the starting point for any work that you want to tackle. You can try projects that remain in time, marking a before and a later in life who consults, or are only being volatile, progress to projects as they arrive. As it is real, everything depends on the attitude of the person, and that has the strength and perseverance to build that you both want. The appearance of the golds as well as a promise of economic security without end should not be interpreted.

This letter is wanting us to indicate that we will have the resources needed to achieve substantial progress. The source of this new income is surprising: might be an inheritance, a gain in a game of chance, or as a product of any fortuitous situation. The person will have the resources to go in search of higher goals. The ACE of gold coins mark us the beginning of a new stage, more favourable, in terms of material possessions. However, everything will depend on the person has the power and the wisdom to give you good destination to these new resources. It is the appearance of fertile soils where projects may grow and mature. In no time it guarantees peace of mind, that should come as a result of the behaviour of the individual. Dos de oros strengthens these concepts, because that speaks to us of a delicate balance that needs to be maintained.

Dos de oros reminds us that everything changes constantly. The person must become a juggler and must do everything necessary to get things under their control. Life, the creation are always on the brink of chaos. This reminds us of the biblical judgement of whoever wants to hold on to his life will lose it. Life is a constant succession of events and facts that are far from being under our control. Dos de oros in the reading of the letters tells us that the person might be having several projects at the same time. It will be a matter of seeing if it manages to successfully maintain a balance. Meant major arcana Tarot The cards of the tarot cart and intuition Tarot Gitano