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(LP2) (LP2), or also known as The Pink Album, is the second album by the band to Sub Pop Records Seattle. It was recorded in 1995 and was released on 7 November that year. Brad Wood again produced the new work of the band. This album was the last agreed upon by the band and the label to put an end to the career of the group after the discussions of the members to complete the Diary tour and after the religious experience that had its leader, Jeremy Enigk.


THE OBAMA PHENOMENON ….. KB Barack Hussein Obama is attracting huge crowds at every campaign stop. And at the polls this rage. The candidate the laws of politics Barack Obama is a charismatic political figure, that appeals to Americans because of their youth, freshness and oratory. International editorial Saturday, February 16th, 2008. When Barack Obama asked Osama in kindergarten wanted to be when I grew replied: ‘I want to be president. ” Today, 40 years later that kid’s dream to become reality. This man, 47 years, not only became a political phenomenon but ended with the prejudice that would be many generations before that a black could be elected U.S. president. Since Jan. 3, when primaries began to win the nomination by the Democratic Party, began what U.S. analysts dubbed as the ‘Obama phenomenon’. This political novice, easy verb and undeniable charisma, has been unbeatable on nearly every ballot. In the last eight far surpassed his rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton. And it was not little. Obama voting district with the whites got the educated upper classes and supported him conventional farmers to give him their support, and conquered the female and youth vote. It was through his appearance in this election that reached a record number of voters. ‘Obama, being a black white, has been a different phenomenon because it has managed to unite the races on the one hand they see it as the black man who wants to raise’ opinion on blacks’ and the other see it as a change for the country ‘opinion of whites,”said Michael Samson, a political analyst in Washington. Conventional in record time, since his appearance in American public life is recent. Until June 2004 when he made his debout at the Democratic Convention was almost a stranger. It was then that the young and promising talent delivered the keynote address at the convention days before the presidential election. “There is no white America and black America, but the United States of America ‘, said at the time. With this call to have courage and hope, the Democratic Party made him his letter to recapture the White House. Although Hillary Clinton was always an option ‘for his political experience and her husband former President Bill Clinton’ charisma and oratory of Obama finished surprising everyone in America. The black political challenge all the laws of traditional politics. Their weapons, in addition to advertising, are those of a bell at ground level, with little money, almost word of mouth, and against the formidable duo known as ‘Billary’, until recently the unbeatable duo of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Behind her sonrisaBarack Senator Obama is now the state of Illinois and the surest winner of the Democratic nomination for the November 4 elections.

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